We are a non-profit organisation. We provide a safe haven for pensioners and people with minor disabilities who find themselves homeless or living in shelters.

Ridge Haven, FNB, Swift: FIRNZAJJ
Account no: 62752605934, Branch code: 220426

Donor's Page


Thank you to the following companies and individuals that help make Ridge Haven a success:

(See more details in blogs below)

* A big thank you to Crown National for your yummy spices and sauces.

* Nusreen from the Al Nurah foundation for the incredible meals arranged.

* Woolies, thank you for the continuous support and wonderful food donations.

* Thank you to Reddam house for the wonderful donation of Easter Eggs.

* A big thank you to Craig wood for the donation of 25L of hand Sanitizer

* Thank you so much to Avonmore Spar for allowing us to use their premises and do a book sale.

* Thank you to Jille De Villiers for donation of books

* Thank you to woolworths for the wonderful donation of food weekly.

* Crown National, thank you for the yummy spices and sauces donated.

* Isabella and Maxine for the visit and egg donation

* Ione van Heerden for the cash donation

* Thank you so much to Nusreen and the Al Nurah foundation for the pizza dinner...

- Thank you so much to Mark Bidasse and family for the wonderful donation of toiletpaper, Stasoft, Pinegel and Sunlight liquid. Items we use daily. 

- A big thank you to the quadriplegic association for the wonderful donation of another pressure mattress, bed supports and stabilizers and lovely crocheted blankets.

- We would like to say a big thank you to Julie Webster for the incredible donation of 4 deboned ducks and 2 large turkeys.

- Thank you so muc...

* A very big thank you to Irene for the cushions and cards for arts and crafts.

* Thank you so much to Natalie Wood, Josh's mom for sending this lovely donation for lunch.

* Ladies clothing donated from Denise, thank you so much. And thank you to Maxine for dropping it off.

* Thank you so much to Muaaz Peer for this wonderful donation received.

* A big thank you to Spar for the incredible donations and kindness.

* We would like to thank Carole and Graham S...

1. A big thank you to Morgan and Shannon that volunteered at Ridge Haven and cleaned the pantry. What an amazing job! Your assistance is truly appreciated.

2. Craydon Panaini volunteered at Ridge Haven. What a blessing he has been. He has helped make beds this morning as we had linen change and he has partnered with Rodney helping in the garden. Thank you so much,

3. We would like to thank Josh, Craydon and Danike for helping in the garden. They had gre...

- What another wonderful donation received from Spar. Thank you SO SO much to Paul Williams and his team. We are so grateful.

- A big thank you to AK Mohammed for the delicious breyani donated for lunch.

- We would like to take the opportunity to thank the two wonderful humans that donated money into our account anonymously at the end of October. These funds were used to do much urgent plumbing repairs at the house. We would also like to say thank you t...

* Thank you so much to Kensington and Avonmore Spar for their continued blessings and kindness.

* A big thank you to AK Mohammed and friends for the delicious breyani for lunch. John on kitchen duty is ready to serve this amazing blessing.

* Maxine van Wyk's daughter Courtney is celebrating her 30th Birthday all the way in New Zealand. To celebrate her special day Maxine donated and delivered cake, juice and chips to Ridge Haven. What a wonderful and ki...

- A big thank you to Frederike Liasides for the chicken Giouvetsi donated for supper tonight. everyone said it was delicious!

- Thank you so much to Musgrave Methodist church for the cake and milktart donation. yummy!

- A big thank you to Isabel for the wonderful gift for arts and crafts and to Maxine for the lovely donations and the visit.

- Thank you so much to Sabita for the donation of a pocket of onions and a pocket of potatoes yesterday.

- A big tha...

* Thank you so much to Luke Donaldson for the donation of clothing received.

* Thank you to Stephanie for this wonderful donation of wool delivered.

* A big thank you to Janine Rudolph and her daughter Stacey for this wonderful donation delivered.

* Another yummy Women's day spoil from Home Baked. Thank you SO much!

* Thank you so much to Tania Collins for the shampoo's donated for a little women's day gift.

* A yummy donation of pastry goodies received fr...

- Thank you so much to all the incredible Ridge Haven supporters for making Mandela Day so special:

- Tammy Bishop for the tea donation

- Together for Durban supporters for the tea, sugar, coffee and milk donated.

- Nathalie Desfontaines for the tea and coffee donated

- Trudy and Antoinette from Little Happy Feet school for the cremora, tea, coffee, sugar, spreads and rice donated.

- Sharon Mcmanus for the rice, milk, tea, coffee, sugar and oranges donated...

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