We are a non-profit organisation. We provide a safe haven for pensioners and people with minor disabilities who find themselves homeless or living in shelters.

Ridge Haven, FNB, Swift: FIRNZAJJ
Account no: 62752605934, Branch code: 220426


Happy Birthday January 2020:  Sending you smiles for every moment of your special day. Happy Birthday Anna and Bert!

25th December 2019:  Ridge Haven residents came together on Christmas eve at 22h30 to have their Christmas service. Christmas   morning was filled with wonderful surprises. Gifts were received from Grace Family Church ladies group and Together for Durban. They were handed out by Yvette and Shani. Ingrid and Pastor Paul surprised everyone with a visit and gifts. This was later followed by a scrumptious lunch. A very Big Thank you to Ross for cooking a delicious Christmas meal and to Jacqui for making an array of yummy deserts. A very Big Thank you to Tony McCrae and Mr Thompson for cash donations toward purchasing items for the Christmas lunch. Thank you to Karen for the amazing table decorations. What a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas. 🎄

22nd December 2019:  What a special evening singing carols by candlelight with family and friends, celebrating the joy and magic of Christmas.

21st December 2019:  A big thank you to the wonderful team from Woolworths Musgrave for a wonderful lunch served today. Thank you so much!

19th December 2019:  The true spirit of Christmas is love and our residents are feeling SO loved! ❤️ A big thank you to the staff of Standard Bank OSS Greyville for the incredible gifts and beautiful Christmas cakes that every resident and staff member received today! And we also received a generous grocery donation too. Such incredible blessings! 🎄 Thank you!!