We are a non-profit organisation. We provide a safe haven for pensioners and people with minor disabilities who find themselves homeless or living in shelters.

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Ridge Haven News

20th March 2020: Today is international day of happiness. our residents share with us what keeps them smiling through this tragic pandemic.

" There are no great things, only small things with great love. Happy are those." Mother Theresa

17th March 2020: The corona virus has sparked fear and uncertainty throughout the whole world. Everyone has been asked to wash hands regularly. A bar of soap can be a very precious and costly item for those who do not have anything and live in poverty. Ridge Haven has decided to reach to those less fortunate then themselves by gifting them with a bar of soap and a flyer educating them on the principles of hand washing. These were handed out to individuals in a city homeless shelter tonight. We would like to thank the donors that assisted us with bars of soap.

We may not have all the things we want in the world, but we have the most important one - each other!

16th March 2020: At Ridge Haven we want to ensure that our residents are as safe as possible during the covid-19 outbreak. As we discourage hand shaking and hugging, we did a small competition to come up with a Ridge Haven "hello" in these times of social distancing. Congratulations to Mickey who's friendly island style wave won our hearts.

Happy International Womens Day!

Thank you so much for all the love for our home.

25th January 2020: Every second month Isinkwa Setheku hosts a feeding scheme in Mahatma Ghandi road. Residents Karen, Lynne and Daleen offered to volunteer for the day. It was a very emotional morning for Lynne and Karen. They were reflecting on how only a few years ago they were standing in the same queues waiting for a meal. They felt so incredibly grateful for God's love and Grace and how they now get to stand on the other side of the line and have this wonderful opportunity to give back.

"Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten" - David Ogden Stiers

5th January 2020: On this very hot Sunday the residents of Ridge Haven are relaxing, watching cricket, reading and preparing for Sunday lunch.

December 2019: I met Thembi at a shelter in the Durban CBD. She has the warmest smile and bubbly personality. I learned that Thembi was a government pensioner and could not afford to live anywhere else. We immediately put Thembi’s name on the Ridge Haven waiting list. I saw Thembi many times in the shelter after that and we prayed over her circumstances. When Thembi’s name came up on the waiting list we were both SO excited! She came to see our home and a few days later moved in. She shared with me today that she is so so grateful that God brought us together and that she has found a new family and a home where she feels safe and very loved. You are such a special part of our family Thembi! Welcome home.
Shani Wood, Board Member. 
(With permission from Thembi)

3rd December 2019: Karen hosted an end of the year tea party for all those at Ridge Haven that attend arts and crafts. Thank you to Isabel and Maxine for joining in this morning. Karen gave gifts made by her as thank you to Isabel and Maxine for all their support and ideas for the arts and craft mornings. Karen also gave Leanne and Lynne each a gift for the highest attendance at arts and crafts. Well done Karen on an amazing year and for all the time, effort and skill you have shared to make arts and crafts so successfully.

November 2019: Making Christmas decorations in arts and crafts classes today

20th October 2019: What a beautiful morning celebrating Ridge Haven's second birthday with a thanksgiving service and some tea and cake. Their was such a sense of joy and gratitude for God's grace and blessings on our home.

17th October 2019: Karen has such an incredible talent which she shares readily each week with her fellow residents. Karen plans and runs the arts and crafts lessons every Tuesday. She has little with regard to material possessions but she has the biggest giving heart and bubbly personality. Yesterday Karen surprised us with the most beautiful banner to hang on our Chapel wall. It is her way of thanking God for her blessings and to thank Him for giving her skills she is able to share with others. Thank you Karen for the banner, it is gorgeous.✝

26h September 2019: Jonathan was so excited today. Nicole Kesaris from Regal distributors SA invited Jonathan to attend a technical course free of charge! Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity.

19h September 2019: Jonathan lived with his parents until they retired and moved into a retirement home. Jonathan has the challenge of asperges and is on the autism spectrum. He struggles with social interaction. His parents taught him about emotion, empathy and taking note of others, as it does not come naturally to Jonathan. It was not easy suddenly having to live with 30 new people. Jonathan was quite reserved and kept to himself. He would retreat into his own world with his ear phones listening to music. Our residents have encouraged him and included him and he has come out of his shell. He is fantastic with electronics and has fixed many an item in the home. He participates now and takes great pleasure in helping our elderly residents. The residents voted him onto the house committee and Jonathan has taken on the responsibility of waste management and recycling. Initially he found it difficult to remember his duties and to manage his time properly. Jonathan has grown leaps and bounds. He even walks to Musgrave centre on his own now to do shopping. Well done Jonathan. You are an integral part of our little family. Thank you for all you do.

11th September 2019: Yesterday I had a heavy heart as I drove to collect a 75 year old lady who has been terribly abused by her family in Umhlanga -physically & emotionally. They dumped her on the pavement and the neighbours stepped in. I received a call from the police trauma division. I arrived to find a beautiful gentle soul. As we arrived at Ridge Haven my heart was so warmed to see our men and ladies coming out to welcome her. She arrived with one small bag of her possessions. Everything else had been taken from her. There were big smiles and hugs. A bunch of flowers in her room. A cup of tea ready and waiting. People noticed her small bag and each brought something of their own to share--a bar of soap, a roll of toilet paper.... The love was palpable for a perfect stranger. We could not ask for a more caring group of people whose love of God shines through their actions. Thank you to all of you. My dearest lady. You are home. We promise to love and care for you. You are part of our family and we are so pleased you are here. 💕
(Founder - Yvette Stembridge)

5th September 2019: John joined us a few months ago. He has a psychiatric illness and had been in the Addington hospital ward for many months as there was no where to send him to and no family to take care of John in Durban. When John arrived he needed a lot of motivation. He sat and stared at the hospital walls for a very long time with no stimulation. With a lot of encouragement John started to participate in various activities in the home. It was difficult for him initially. He then attended arts and crafts one morning and he discovered he has a love for drawing. Through art we have seen a transformation in John. From initially drawing dark and scary images, John now draws colorful and light hearted pictures. His mental state and sense of well being has improved dramatically. John, we are so thrilled to see how you are blossoming. You are such a special member of our Ridge Haven family

29 August 2019: When our lovely Lynette joined us we were working on a knitting project making mittens for a rural school in Northern Natal. Lynette had never knitted before and she so wanted to join in. She tried but found it very difficult as her slight disability was a challenge for her. She never gave up and she asked our lady residents to teach her. Our ladies patiently took turns to show Lynette what to do. She was so thrilled and proud to show us the blanket she has successfully knitted and completed by herself. Well done Lynette! We are so proud of you and your determination to overcome your challenges and to learn a new skill.

22nd August 2019: Enver joined Ridge Haven and was not sure what his future held. He soon became a much loved member of the Ridge Haven family. He had a special talent for painting and was often found behind his easel. Enver has been blessed with a job and he has moved to his brother and brother’s family. We will miss Enver’s humor and the naughty glint in his eye. We will miss his ever encouraging word which would lift our day. We are so happy that you are with your family Enver. You will be in our hearts forever.