We are a non-profit organisation. We provide a safe haven for pensioners and people with minor disabilities who find themselves homeless or living in shelters.

Ridge Haven, FNB, Swift: FIRNZAJJ
Account no: 62752605934, Branch code: 220426

Thank you May 2019

May 1, 2019

- Thank you so much to Joan Sheppard Smith for the lovely coffee maker donated.

- A big thank you to Crown National for the wonderful donation and continuous support.

- Another thank you to Jacqui for the donation of CD's and beautiful gift boxes.

- A big thank you to Musgrave Methodist church for the yummy donation of baby potatoes, coleslaw and green salad.

- Thank you so much to Morag Bennett, Tammy Laivaux and Heather for the lovely clothing and home items donated.

- A big thank you to Meryl Dunwoodie for volunteering her time and fuel and assisting Jeffrey to get to the hospital and back.

- Another big thank you to the Peer family for this wonderful donation and for their continued support.

- Another incredible delivery and donation from Spar. We can't thank you enough.

- A big thank you to Lynne Murray for taking some of our residents to Kathleen Voysey Clinic in Umbilo on Thursday. Lynne has also been incredible to Ridge Haven and she has offered to take people every Thursday if they are sick. Another big thank you to the clinic staff for treating our residents so well.

- A big thank you to the "knitting with love" group for making these incredible beanie and scarf sets and beautiful knee rugs to keep our residents a little warmer this winter.

- Thank you to Jeanne and Karisa Grace for the double bed donated.

- Thank you to Tarryn and Heather Nelson for the pocket of potatoes, pocket of oranges and craft items donated. it's truly appreciated.




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