We are a non-profit organisation. We provide a safe haven for pensioners and people with minor disabilities who find themselves homeless or living in shelters.

Ridge Haven, FNB, Swift: FIRNZAJJ
Account no: 62752605934, Branch code: 220426

Thank you for your donations June 2019

June 1, 2019

* Thank you so much to the following amazing Ridge Haven supporters for their donations received: Di Hamblin for the material, Morag Bennett and Ann Maw for the blankets and thank you Ann for the clothing and socks donated too. It is much appreciated.

* Thank you so much Nicky Coetzee for the yummy rusks donated.

* A big thank you to Allyn and Lucy Nunkoo for the wonderful donation of groceries.

* Thank you so much to Home Baked for the continuous support and all the yummy baked goods donated.

* Thank you to Tilda Tearle for the lovely donation of clothing and linen.

* A Big thank you to Kensington and Avonmore Spar for their continued support and blessings.




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