We are a non-profit organisation. We provide a safe haven for pensioners and people with minor disabilities who find themselves homeless or living in shelters.

Ridge Haven, FNB, Swift: FIRNZAJJ
Account no: 62752605934, Branch code: 220426

Thank you to our comrades Hero - Debbie Fouche

June 9, 2019

Debbie Fouche dedicated her comrades run to Ridge Haven and raised funds for our home. Debbie says this is why she chose Ridge Haven:

" I have chosen to dedicate my Comrades 2019 run to Ridge Haven, as the plight of the elderly is very close to my heart. Unfortunately a lot of time life for the elderly is not easy and the residents of Ridge Haven have known extreme life difficulties before coming to Ridge Haven. I think the work that the Ridge Haven board is doing to lighten the resident's load is exceptional and not easy either. Comrades is an exceptional race, although not easy either, we have alot of fun, and this is a way i can raise awareness for this amazing home'

Thank you so much Debbie!

A thank you tea was held for Debbie on the 30th June.



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