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Thank you so much Mandela Day Donations

July 18, 2019

- Thank you so much to all the incredible Ridge Haven supporters for making Mandela Day so special:

- Tammy Bishop for the tea donation

- Together for Durban supporters for the tea, sugar, coffee and milk donated.

- Nathalie Desfontaines for the tea and coffee donated

- Trudy and Antoinette from Little Happy Feet school for the cremora, tea, coffee, sugar, spreads and rice donated.

- Sharon Mcmanus for the rice, milk, tea, coffee, sugar and oranges donated.

- Jacqui Burne for tea delivered.

- Grace family church for the seedlings, sandwhiches, coconut water, cake in a mug and cupcakes donated for Mandela day.

- Thank you so much to reuben from Dot Com Holdings for delivering this lovely donation of tea

- What an incredible gift from the accounts staff at Umhlanga Sands. In the photo is Marina, Elaine and Seema. Thank you so much!




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